Carers play a crucial role in the care, support and recovery of people with eating disorders.

A carer can be a parent, partner, friend, grandparent, child, sibling, grandchild, neighbour or any other person caring for someone with an eating disorder. Caring for someone with an eating disorder is a big responsibility and comes with considerable personal strain.

Carers' Resources

NEDC have developed a new resource to help equip families and carers with skills and coping techniques.

Caring for Someone with an Eating Disorder

Seven Tips for Families and Carers

Other resources

twitter header - A mobile friendly website specifically created for a young audience.


FYI FeedYourInstinct - This interactive resource has been devised to help families of 10 - 20 year-olds to assess the early warning signs of eating disorders in their child. Critically, this tool provides an individualised evaluation of the behaviours the family is observing via a step-by-step Q&A format. Once users progress through the Q&A, they finish with a printable PDF report personalised to their child's experience, which they can take to their local GP for action. The report also provides GPs with best-practice guidelines for further assessment and diagnosis.


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