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Get involved – for students

Want to get involved in human rights?

Great! Promoting and protecting human rights is everyone’s responsibility!

From simply learning more about human rights to becoming a human rights advocate, there are a number of ways that you can make a difference. Explore this section to find out more!

Learn about human rights

The best place to start is by taking the time to understand and learn about human rights. This section includes links to some important resources that might help you to get started.

Bring human rights to school

There are a number of ways that you can bring human rights to school as a student, and you can even encourage your own teachers to do it as well!

Join a human rights group

There are lots of organisations in Australia that promote human rights and social justice. This section includes links to some groups that are worth checking out.

Become a human rights advocate

As a human rights advocate you can speak up about the issues that matter to you and make a difference in your community.

A human rights calendar

Use this handy calendar to keep track of all the important human rights dates that fall throughout the year.

Learn more about the work of the Australian Human Rights Commission

Explore this section to check out some of the current and past work, projects and campaigns of the Commission !