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The Australian Human Rights Commission investigates and conciliates complaints about discrimination and breaches of human rights.

We will need to contact you about the complaint, so please provide your name and contact details, including one contact number if possible. If you do not provide this information we may not be able to deal with the complaint.

We will use the information you provide to assess, investigate and/or conciliate your complaint. We will usually provide a copy of the complaint (excluding your contact details) to the person or organisation you are complaining about, and if necessary, others who have relevant information about the complaint. By completing and submitting this form you consent to the Commission using your information for these purposes. If you have any questions about this or need help to complete this form, please contact our National Information Service on 1300 656 419 or 02 9284 9600.

Your personal information will be used and stored in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Part A - Your Details (the complainant)
Would you like a copy of your complaint emailed to you
Do you require assistance to participate in the complaint process?
Are you making this complaint on behalf of someone else (the aggrieved person)?
Do you have a legal representative or advocate?
Part B - Who is the complaint about?
Who is the complaint about?
(eg employer, landlord, provider of good and services)
(eg employer, landlord, provider of good and services)
Do you want to add another respondent?
(eg employer, landlord, provider of good and services)
(eg employer, landlord, provider of good and services)
Part C - What are you complaining about?
I am complaining because I believe: (Please select at least one reason below)
There are limits on the types of complaints the Commission can consider. The Commission can only consider complaints about unfair treatment related to the reasons listed above.
The President of the Commission can decide not to investigate into a complaint where the complaint is lodged more than 12 months after the alleged event(s) happened. If the event(s) being complained about happened more than 12 months ago, please explain the reasons for the delay in making a complaint to the Commission. Note: For acts that have taken place after 13 April 2017, the timeframe for lodging complaints alleging unlawful discrimination will be 6 months.
Describe the event(s) that you want to complain about. We need to know what you say happened, where it happened and who was involved. Please give us all the dates and other details you can remember. If you are complaining about employment, please tell us when you commenced employment, your job title and whether you are still employed.

Supporting Information

Please provide copies of any documents that support the claims in your complaint. For example – letters, separation certificate, doctors certificate. If you cannot do this, please tell us about the documents or other information and how this information can be obtained.

If you have any supporting information to add to your complaint, please forward them to the Commission by post, fax (02 9284 9611) or by email to

Please check this box if you intend to email the Commission supporting information.
Part D - Other information
Have you complained about this to another organisation?
For example, a state anti discrimination or equal opportunity agency, a workers compensation agency, an ombudsman or the Fair Work Commission. If you have complained to another agency, you must provide details of the complaint and its outcome. You should also attach copies of any letters you have received from the agency.
Were you referred to us by another organisation?